Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I LOVE getting packages

I know Christmas is over but I received a very special package in the mail today. MY PROJECT 365 KIT!!! I met the UPS guy at the door. I'd been tracking that sucker since it was shipped out yesterday. Okay pathetic but I'm being honest. I can't believe it only took one day to get to me! Since they sold out in a matter of hours I feel pretty lucky to have gotten one of the kits so I'm extra excited about it. Oh and not to mention this kit is even better than I imagined and such a great deal. $35 for ALL of this? Can't beat that.
Sis your kit will be on its way to you tomorrow! You are going to love it. :-)


Michelle said...

So, so, SO jealous!!! Just kidding! Have fun with it! And maybe they'll come out with more so I can get my hands on one :) Be sure to share pics!!

Sunny said...

LOL- getting pkgs IS fun....My Darling Hubby tracks his pkgs almost hourly when he orders it to be shipped.

Have you two never heard that "Patience is a Virtue"?

LOL- JK. Anticipation is what makes the world go round.