Saturday, January 31, 2009

Basement update

We (well mostly Blake) have been busy working on the basement. We've painted the ceiling white. Before the walls and the ceiling were all the same color, which was a yellowish off white color. We've never liked that color and it looks so much better now. It was a pain to paint but definitely worth it. Then Blake moved electrical outlets and surround sound speaker wires around and capped off the water to the kitchenette area we tore out. Lastly, he put up beadboard in the living room area of the basement. It looks so nice! It's far from being finished but we are getting there.

What is left to do?
1. Beadboard in the bathroom and other column
2. Finish all the trim on the beadboard
3. Paint beadboard
4. Paint all the walls
5. Install the hardwood floor
6. Put in the new bathroom cabinet.
Speaking of hardwood. We picked it up yesterday. My mouth dropped open when I saw all of the boxes, 26 to be exact. We made 26 trips up and down the side of our house carrying these 50 pounds boxes of hardwood. 26!! Now I'm thankful we have a walk-out basement so we didn't have to carry them in the house down the interior staircase but I am still sore today! Wimp. I know.
Well, here are some pictures of our basement project.

Doesn't the ceiling look so much better white?

This is the living room area after Blake moved all the speaker wires, etc.
Living room area with beadboard!!

Here is our hardwood just patiently waiting for us to install it. :-)


Michelle said...

Looking good :)

Amelia said...

It looks so good! I can't wait to see how it looks with the hardwood floors. :)