Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008.

Only one day left in 2008! Can you believe it? We are planning a HUGE party tonight. (wink wink) Andrew and I picked up some party hats and horns and we are going to be ready to celebrate with Blake gets home later this afternoon. I'm sure I'll have some pictures and video from our little party. So be sure to check back later. ;-)

So, have you thought about your New Years Resolution yet? I have a few resolutions, nothing out of the ordinary - organize, exercise, eat better, etc. However, I did come across a great idea on Ali Edward's blog and this is to choose an inspirational word for 2009. Something that inspires you to be better. My word is "Appreciate." So many things are taken for granted and I just need to stop and appreciate all the little things and big things around me. I think the Project 365 I spoke about yesterday will help in this as well. So... do you have your word???

Because I can't post without a photo. Here is one I took of Andrew yesterday - the weather was so nice in the morning. Notice - no jacket!

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