Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Everyday Moments

I just love this picture above of Andrew lifting his feet up to go faster down a slope. It's my hope this next year to capture more moments like this. The everyday moments that if you turned your head for a few seconds you would miss.

My sister and I are doing a new kind of scrapbook together. Something that is doable, doesn't require a ton of time and will leave you with a complete scrapbook of the entire year - full of everyday moments. It's called Project 365 and you can find info on it here. It doesn't go on sale until Thursday. I love scrapbooking all the holiday and celebrations but after doing the Daily December album I realized how much I've been missing in my scrapbooks - the everyday moments. The little things that can so easily be taken for granted and overlooked - these are things you will dearly miss in the future. The little things your child says that melts your heart, the drawing they made in school just for you or their favorite bedtime story. You get the point. Not to mention the fact I still haven't completed all of Andrew's 2nd or 3rd year scrapbook albums and haven't even started on his 4th year album. It's just so time consuming and with what little time I have left after being a Mommy and studying I need something easy and fast. So there you have it!

Well here are a couple more pictures of my little guy riding his new bike.

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