Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm so impressed :-)

Check out Andrew's handwriting below. I can't believe how well he is writing his name and even our names! He is really into how everything is spelled right now. I told him once how to spell Mommy and Daddy and he can do it over and over. He is also doing well at sounding out words to spell them. I know he goes to preschool and they are teaching him these things it's just nice to see him actually learning and to be as excited about it as he is.

Here he is drawing a picture of our family. Blake is on the left, I am on the right and Andrew is on the lower right and a pig is on the lower left. Apparently, we have a pig I don't know about.
I love how he used the outline of his own hands to draw everyone's hands. Well that is enough bragging for one day! :-)

Enjoy your week!


Stephanie said...

Well, he is my nephew so of course he is BRILLIANT!! Wait is that how you spell that? LOL

Adorable Tam.

Love you!

Amelia said...

omg, he is so cute! He really is doing a great job writting! Thats awesome. :)