Friday, September 12, 2008

A black eye???

Blake picked Andrew up from preschool yesterday and saw the purple on his right eye and just about flipped thinking it was a black eye. What 3 year old gets a black eye at school? And, if one does there better be another kid with a bigger black eye, right? LOL I'm just kidding.. well sort of. I'm sure you've guessed by now that our little Picasso just decided to color his eye when he was using markers.

Here is a close up of his masterpiece. :-)


Amber H. said...

LOL! Too funny :o) I would have thought the same thing. I'm glad it was markers and not the real thing! SO I found your blog from ebay and I posted a comment on there about your pictures. You do such a great job, and your little guy is adorable BTW. I was just wondering what the free photo editing program was that you used? I'm in love with it and am dying to know what it was! Those look like professional pictures! If you could share the secret, I'd love it! Thanks!

Tami said...

Hi Amber - Thank you so much for your compliments! The program I used is Adobe Lightroom - they have a free 30 day trial on the adobe website. You should definitely try it out! I love it and use it on almost all of my photos.

I took a peak at our blog and you have a beautiful family. :-) I also love all of your eBay creations. Your bears are so sweet.