Saturday, March 8, 2008

Handsome yet silly...

We had a REALLY nice day the other day and I wasn't sure how soon we'd have another day without snow in the backyard. I really wanted to get some pictures of Andrew to create an Easter card. So, here they are... Isn't he handsome?? I threw in some silly ones because he was being such a stinker about taking the pictures and overdoing a lot of his expressions because I was. I took about 200 pictures. I think maybe 3 were good.

I'm actually surprised how well he poses for me and appeases me. He is always asking me to take his picture. In fact, we were at the park the other day and a Dad was running around the playground with his camera getting photos of his kids. Andrew saw this and when the guy was standing near him he said "TAKE A PICTURE OF ME! TAKE A PICTURE OF ME!" The guy laughed and acted like he took a picture and then he said "Why can't I get my own kids to do that???"

Well, the silly handsome boy is upstairs wanting to get up for the day and yelling for me. Yes, he still sits in his bed and waits for Mommy or Daddy to get him out of bed. :-)

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